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The first private company to regularly deliver payloads and infrastructure services to the Moon.

Ursa Space Systems

Ursa Space Systems

Serving agriculture, utilities, intelligence and other markets, Ursa captures the 80% of imaging data unavailable to optical systems.

Planetary Resources

Planetary Resources

Planetary Resources is developing the technologies that will enable low-cost robotic exploration and commercial development of asteroids.

Additional Investments

Additional Investments

Additional investments are available within the Member Portal. Join Space Angels Network for access to the most compelling space startups.

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From Our Network

  • Tony Lagnese

    Space Angels Network Member

    In my first six months with Space Angels Network, I’ve had conference calls, VIP facility tours, and participated in my first deal.
  • Lars Dyrud

    CEO, OmniEarth, a Space Angels Network portfolio company

    Investment from Space Angels was so much more than just dollars, the immense Space Angels Network became our network too!
  • Adam Maher

    Founder, Ursa Space Systems, Inc.

    Space Angels Network brought us the opportunity to host our payload on the International Space Station, which was the catalyst that helped solidify our business plan and develop the space system we envisioned. This opportunity along with their advice helped us cut the high initial capital requirements associated with our space system.
  • Nathan Kaiser

    Space Angels Network Member

    I personally can’t build these rockets, satellites and spaceships, but at least I can help to finance them. Down the road, I want to tell my kids ‘I was there when it all got started’. And I believe it will be my children, not grandchildren.
  • Joshua Schrager

    Space Angels Network Member

    Space Angels brings together an unparalleled community of knowledgeable expert investors whose insights help lower risk and identify opportunity in this exciting industry.
  • Jeffrey Manber

    CEO of NanoRacks, a Space Angels Network portfolio company

    As a new generation of ventures like NanoRacks are gaining momentum, organizations like Space Angels Network are critical for linking new investors to credible opportunities.
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