Esther Dyson – EDventure Holdings

Esther Dyson is a long-time catalyst of start-ups in information technology in the US and other markets, including Russia. Since selling her company, EDventure Holdings, to CNET Networks in 2004, she has taken on newer challenges in private aviation and space as well as in health care (as a director of 23andMe, a consumer genetics company). Esther is an active investor in air and space, with holdings in Space Adventures and Zero-G Corporation, as well as XCOR Aerospace, Constellation Services International, Coastal Technologies Group,, Airship Ventures and Icon Aircraft. Her investments have included Flickr and (both sold to Yahoo!), and Medstory (acquired by Microsoft), as well as Meetup Inc.,, Boxbe and Voxiva. Esther Dyson has flown weightless on Zero-G four times, but hopes to go up again soon. She is also the organizer of Flight School, an executive workshop for start-ups in air and space.

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