Membership Benefits & Policies

Space Angels Network, Inc.
Membership Benefits & Policies

Members of Space Angels Network (SAN) can expect the following benefits:
Space Angels Network provides truly unique access for individuals interested in the emerging private space industry, through exclusive events, company tours, and connections to the largest community of space investors and entrepreneurs in the world (our members have been behind some of the most exciting startups in the industry). We provide insider access to the best curated deals, professional and comprehensive due diligence, and streamlined documents and online closing process.

We are aligned with our investor members, focused on investment outcomes. Themed funds with preselected deals offers more choice for investors, no idle commitments, and better ROI. Our industry focus and domain expertise offers more value for entrepreneurs, better deal management, and ultimately enhanced ROI for investors. As truly Seed/Series A investors we are focused on curating the best early deal flow, with the most opportunity for growth.

  • Access to exclusive events including space company tours, networking events and regional hub events (in cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Houston, Seattle, Shanghai), and to our annual capstone Member Expedition.
  • An immediate connection to the largest community of space investors and entrepreneurs in the world – our members have behind some of the most exciting startups in the industry
  • The best, highly curated deal flow (by a wide margin) for companies in the space industry. We invest in less than 3% of the companies who apply to us.
  • The ability to generate high multiple returns by early entry to compelling opportunities, versus the much smaller single and double returns generated through public equity investing
  • Deal terms generally reserves for large venture capital investors: preferred shares, preemptive rights, liquidation preferences, information rights, warrants, etc.
  • Insider access insider access to the best curated deals
  • Professional and comprehensive due diligence on behalf of the Space Angels Network management team and subject area experts from within our network
  • Access to the Member Portal, with comprehensive deal rooms, streamlined investment documents and online closing and funding
  • Syndication opportunities with our world class co-investors
  • Free annual membership to the Angel Capital Association, including:
    • Webinars
    • Newsletters
    • Timely topics
    • FAQ room
    • The ACA Blog
    • Angel Research Reports

Space Angels Network expects from its members:

  • Attend investor calls and earnestly consider funding investment opportunities
  • Provide feedback regarding prospective investment in areas where the member has expertise
  • Invest at least once of $50,000 in total per year
  • Invest in at least 1 subsequent round per investment in successful companies
  • Offer to mentor entrepreneurs in areas where the member has expertise
  • Refer at least five new accredited investor friends per year
  • Comply with all relevant SEC, federal and state regulations, and local laws and accreditation requirements
  • Members are expected to abide by the terms of the membership agreement, including but not limited to the following:
    • Provide accurate, truthful information in all applications and documents.
    • Maintain a high level of integrity, professional conduct and confidentiality in all interactions with companies applying for investment, business partners, sponsors and fellow members.
    • When SAN provides information about companies to invest in, and that or those investment opportunities were otherwise unknown to a member, the member will invest only through SAN, unless the opportunity has been declined by SAN in writing.
    • Promptly notify SAN of any changes in contact information or accredited investor status occurring after the date of this Agreement.

General Criteria and Process for Admission as a Space Angels Network Member:
While SAN is unique in not charging membership dues, there are requirements for admission as a member. The following are required:

  1. Completion of a membership application.
  2. Review by the membership committee of corroborating information, which may be as simple as a review of online information (LinkedIn, company bio, etc.) or in the case where such information is not available, or if deemed by the membership committee further background review including an interview may be required.
  3. SAN accepts new members to the network, however referrals from current members are preferred.
  4. SAN may also conduct a review of the applicants affiliation with aerospace companies to help ensure appropriate use of data and protection of member and startups’ interests and confidential information. Caveat: SAN does not guarantee and such protection of information.
  5. Satisfaction of accredited and/or qualified member status as defined by both U.S. and local jurisdiction for members outside the United States. “Accredited investor” is as defined by SEC Regulation D (17 CFR § 230.501), which in general states that an “accredited investor” is any natural person who alone, or jointly with a spouse has a net worth exceeding $1 million (excluding the net worth of his/her primary residence) or has individual income over $200,000 in each of the two most recent years, or jointly with a spouse has income over $300,00 in those two years, provided there is a reasonable expectation of reaching that level in the current year. For entities, please see Rule 501 of Regulation D for applicable requirements.
  6. Entities may join as members but they must designate specific employees or members to attend meetings. Entities are subject to the terms of the membership agreement as are individuals.