Steven Jorgenson


Co-founder and Portfolio Manager at Viridian Financial Management. Founder and Investment Representative for Fifth Point Advisors. Partner at Space Finance Group Holdings.

Steven began his career on the chaotic trading floors of the Chicago Board of the Trade (CBOT), the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), and as a Member of the Chicago Stock Exchange while working for Stafford Trading. His work with fixed income instruments then led to a position as Portfolio Manager for a private Florida-based corporate bond fund. Seeking additional challenges, Steven founded Viridian Financial Management in 2006, where he is currently Portfolio Manager of a hedge fund specializing in equity options trading.

While living in Florida, he rekindled his interest in all things space-related, and recognized an industry in desperate need of new financial and business solutions. Steven co-founded Space Finance Group Holdings LLC with other like-minded advocates in 2011 to begin addressing some of the specific needs of the commercial space industry. SFG has tackled a range of efforts involving business, finance, and crowdfunding consultation, with current projects such as the Integrated Space Plan update, and a first-of-its-kind investment vehicle currently in formation.

Steven graduated with honors from University of Wisconsin-Madison with double majors in Bacteriology and Biology, is an active angel investor, serial entrepreneur, craftsman, tinkerer, and tech optimist.